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Dr Saleem Tareen is a Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS and has a private practice at Malone Medical Chambers Belfast UK. He has a special interest in brief psychological therapies and has extensively worked with trauma population. Over the years he has helped thousands of people. He has gathered a few exercises together to help people improve their potential and achieve higher goals. Now he is making these available online.

This programme will be useful for range of people including professionals working in high performance areas, such as:

  • Students: Helps build confidence for presentations and exams
  • Office workers: Helps achieve targets and increase motivation
  • Salesmen/women: Helps increase and improve sales
  • Professionals: Helps gain promotions in the work place
  • Artists: Helps them explore new avenues
  • Athletes: Helps improve results overall.

It also comes with a few unique features such as being easily available by the touch of a button, personal control on when you want to take part, can be used as often as required to help reach your goals, the program is based on proven techniques, it is brief and discreet, as well as there being expert support available when needed.

This method of improved performance focuses on the human mind and its ability to learn, improve and overcome difficulties. We all go through difficulties and disturbances in life and the mind is designed to heal itself after these experiences. This is similar to a cut, which heals on the skin. However, sometimes, pieces of disturbing information are not processed and remain stuck in an unprocessed form. Problems with performance are caused by these unprocessed pieces of information. In this self-help programme you will learn to access this information, process it and adaptively resolve it. You will also use some motivation enhancement, resource development, self-awareness and some rehearsal exercises. Collectively they will help with the improvement of performance.

We see better outcomes when we can adapt to various difficult situations. This includes situations that may have previously caused distress. Adverse situations can make us feel like we are not in control. Even in the best of personalities, a bad past experience can make us feel powerless and abandoned.

We can often feel anxious or afraid when we see or speak to a figure of authority from our past. This may be a strict teacher who we were frightened of in school or a situation where we were unable to meet certain expectations. We react to the person based on our old memories of them and we cannot react calmly until we process these memories and place them in the past. This can also happen if we try to do something that we have previously done badly.

In this self-help programme we will explore old memories and make sense of them as being past experiences. We are assuming that current problems are caused by previous experiences. This causes problems with how we function now. Working through old memories can help us resolve them and stop them interfering in our current lives. This enables us to perform at a higher level and achieve better results. 

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increase motivation

In the exercises we will look at some situations you want to deal with. Dealing with these situations can help improve safety and control in your current life. This will in turn help to improve your performance. During these exercises you may like to pause the audio and move at slower pace; I suggest you don’t rush it.

However, before we start this programme I would like you to practice one thing. For some exercises that we will use, it is important to learn an essential skill. Please sit comfortably in your chair with both your feet firmly on the ground. Straighten your back and put your hands on your thighs. Now tap your hands on your thighs alternately. I call this method tap yourself. This will help you stay focused. Whenever I say tap yourself you should do this. This is an important technique that you will need to use while doing most of the exercises.

For the next exercises I suggest that you set aside ten minutes, where you sit alone without any distractions. You may listen to the module first and then practice it while listening for the second time. At times, you may like to pause the audio and adjust the speed.

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About Tap You Potential

increase motivation
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